The Offshore Build-Operate-Transfer Model – A Low Risk and Cost Effective Solution for Companies

Published: 10th March 2011
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BOT Model offers attractive business benefits over the traditional offshore subsidiary path, including:

* Rapid scaling of operations

* Wider service offerings, quickly filling business model gaps

* Lower infrastructure set-up costs

* Reduced time to operations through utilization of knowledgeable 3rd party management resources

ITCube has an impressive track record and expertise for providing the BOT Model in Business Process Outsourcing Services, Finance and Accounting Services, Customer Service, Supply chain management, Technical Support, Data Processing, Software Development, Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing techniques and Human Resource services.

The Build – Operate – Transfer (BOT) Model is one of the Newest trend in the Outsourcing Industry. The dynamics of today’s political, economical and technological environment have driven practically all the organizations to focus their energy and resources on their core business and outsource the additional functions to a partner organization with complimentary strengths. Indian organizations have the unique "India Advantage" of right skills, better communication ability, different time zone and most cost-effective execution model. The outsourcing services are offered through various delivery models, the latest being the Build-Operate-Transfer Model.

The BOT model has been very successful in the infrastructure and construction industry. The vendor for example builds a highway or bridge, will operate it for a period of time and later hand it over to a government agency. It is important to note that this model rests on specialists who bring in best knowledge and skill sets for setting up this project. The model works on outsourcing the early stages of projects execution to the specialists and once the project starts running smoothly it is taken over and run by someone else like government in this case.

BOT in the outsourcing industry means that the client hires a third party vendor to either build a facility or setup the operations/process with the vendor’s existing facility. The vendor takes up the responsibility for hiring employees, providing training and running the operations for an agreed period of time and hands over the operations to the client after the said period. During the contract period the vendor and the client work closely together monitoring and running the operations. At the time of the transition the vendor is suitably compensated.

Thus the BOT model gives an opportunity and liberty to customers (offshore) to get an Offshore Center (OC), built and operated as per their specific needs and also set up the processes in various stages to suit their business needs. The staged process helps the client to evaluate the risks involved and also helps them to check the feasibility before investing in a full-fledged manner. This model offers the right to customers to acquire the operations of such center at the end of the contract period, if they desire so.

At ITCube we recognize the specific business needs of our customers better, and we possess skilled resources to develop and execute the best strategies to fulfill your business needs.

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